Ever since Apple introduced a USB-C port to the iPad Pro, it has been widely speculated that the company could eventually make a similar change to the iPhone. However, it turns out that will not be the case. Instead, Apple is expected to stick with the Lightning port until 2021, where the company could then introduce a completely wireless iPhone then.


While this might sound like a wild rumor, it should be noted that it comes from notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has been pretty accurate with his predictions in the past. At the moment, the iPhone supports both wired and wireless charging. We have heard for a while that Apple could be working on some kind of revolutionary wireless charging tech that can charge an iPhone without the need for a charging mat.

If Kuo’s predictions are true, that iPhone could actually debut in the next couple of years. This is because at the moment, wireless charging on the iPhone still isn’t quite as fast compared to wired, meaning that it’s more of a convenience feature. However, if Apple were to ditch wired connectivity altogether, it would suggest that the company has to be pretty confident with its tech in order to do so.

Needless to say that while Kuo has an almost impeccable record, this report should be taken with a grain of salt for now, but we have to admit that we are quite excited by this possibility.

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