Our smartphones come with a variety of built-in sensors that can tell the orientation of the phone, whether its flat, on its side, and so on. This has been used in a number of applications, but it seems that Apple is interested in taking it to the next level with even more precise location detection.

In a recently-discovered patent, it seems that Apple is exploring the possibility of the iPhone being able to detect where exactly on your body your iPhone is. According to the patent, Apple notes how wireless transceivers in our smartphones can transmit at different power levels. The patent suggests that depending on where our phone is, those transmission power levels could be adjusted accordingly.

Apple points out that by using such a dynamic system, it could provide certain advantages, like how users can experience better quality voice calls when a device is placed on a stationary object, like a table, and so on. We imagine that such a system could also be used for other applications besides transmission power, but unfortunately due to the fact that this is a patent, it’s hard to tell if Apple will ever implement it.

That being said, as smartphones have kind of peaked already, perhaps it’s these small changes and improvements that could give Apple an edge over the competition.

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