Google Translate is an amazing tool, although one of the downsides is that for the most part, you will need an internet connection for it to work the best. This is because the processing is typically done on a remote server, so if you want the best results, having an internet connection is crucial.

However, Google understands that not everyone has constant access to the internet, which is why an offline mode for the app exists, and the good news is that it just got a bit better. According to Google, they claim to have made some improvements to Google Translate where in offline mode, they have improved on the translation by as much as 20% for certain languages.

In a post on its blog, the company writes, “Offline translation is getting better: now, in 59 languages, offline translation is 12 percent more accurate, with improved word choice, grammar and sentence structure. In some languages like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Polish, and Hindi the quality gain is more than 20 percent.”

In addition to improving on the translation offline, Google has also added transliteration for certain scripts that users might not be familiar with. “It can be particularly hard to pronounce and spell words in languages that are written in a script you’re not familiar with. To help you in these cases, Translate offers transliteration, which gives an equivalent spelling in the alphabet you’re used to.”

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