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If you grew up playing with LEGO bricks, you know how fun it can be where you can mix and match parts to create all kinds of things. We’ve seen countless ideas on the internet, and you can add this to the list in the form of a LEGO Nikon F3 SLR camera. This was created by Ethan Brossard where it has been submitted to LEGO in a bid to make it a reality.

According to Brossard, “The model has almost all the levers on the F3, only excluding the very small ones that are too small to show in lego, all the main dials on top are present, as is a representation of the mirror that would flip up on the actual camera when taking a photo.” He also notes that this design took 549 pieces to make, which apparently is one of his smaller creations.

It is also pretty close in size to the actual Nikon F3, where it measures 165x109x77mm, versus the F3 which measures 149x97x66mm. However, it does not just look like the F3, the back of the camera also opens up where it reveals some of its innards like the shutter, film rails, and the film receiving spool

Unfortunately, it does not actually take any photos, but we think it’s still a pretty awesome creation that we imagine many photographers wouldn’t mind owning as part of their collection. If you think that LEGO should turn Brossard’s idea into a reality, head on over to the LEGO IDEAS website to vote for it.

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