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If you’re a Netflix user, there is a good chance that you binge-watch quite a bit of shows. This is easy when it comes to series, but what if you finished the series that you were watching? Then what? Sometimes it can be hard to get into a new show, but that’s something that Netflix is apparently looking to fix.

According to a report from Android Police, it seems that in the Android version of the Netflix app, the company appears to be testing out a new shuffle feature, as you can see in the screenshots above. While we can’t be sure of how exactly it will work, presumably it should be similar to show you shuffle songs.

We’re not sure if the shuffle feature is only available within shows, or if it will affect all shows in Netflix’s catalogue. For example, it might only work within a particular series, meaning that the episodes are shuffled are random. Alternatively, it could also be that Netflix might just pick a random show or movie and start playing it, although we imagine that might not be too useful for some users.

That being said, we should mention that earlier this year, Netflix was spotted testing out a “Random Episode” feature, so this seems like it is an extension of that. We’re not sure if the company has plans to roll out the feature in earnest, so if you don’t see it, not to worry.

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