A lot of our devices these days require us to touch them physically in order to interact with them. This is not a bad thing but if you’ve ever wanted to live in a movie where we can interact with things without actually touching them, Samsung seems to be taking steps in ensuring that this could happen.


The company has unveiled what is being called “Vtouch”, which is a new technology that allows users to control devices without actually physically touching them. This uses computer vision and deep-learning and eye-tracking where devices can figure out what we’re doing and how to respond to our gestures.

Samsung cites various uses for this tech, such as smart cars and smart homes, and even notes how such technology can also be used in environments that need to be clean of germs and bacteria. That being said, touchless navigation isn’t exactly new and we’ve seen how companies like Microsoft have leveraged devices like the Kinect to achieve something similar.

Even Google is experimenting with touchless gestures, where the Pixel 4 comes with Motion Sense, a radar-based detection system that lets users interact with the phone without touching it. We’re not sure if Samsung has plans to ever bring Vtouch to the market, but we expect we’ll learn more about it at CES 2020 next week.

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