While Disney might have been late to the streaming game, they certainly have managed to capture the attention of many with its flagship Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The reviews of the series have been fantastic and the first season just ended rather amazingly (if you’ve seen it, you can probably agree).

Also, by the way it ended, it hinted that we could get a second season. It would be almost foolish of Disney to not go forward with a second season, and the good news is that they are. In a tweet by Jon Favreau, the director and producer has confirmed that The Mandalorian will be making a return in the fall of 2020 for its second season.

Many are no doubt going to be pretty excited for it, although we have to wonder if Disney will continue investing as much as they have into it. In case you’re wondering why that is, it is because the first season of the series is said to have cost a whopping $120 million. This means that per episode, it has cost the company an eye-watering $15 million.

This is considerably higher than most TV shows and to a smaller extent, movies as well. This has resulted in very beautiful episodes that have cinematic-like quality effects and editing, so hopefully this is something will continue to invest in.

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