Hubert Nguyen, co-founder, Ubergizmo, at the French Tech Pavilion @ CES 2020 wearing the new Bassme device

BassMe is back at CES with its unique personal subwoofer that got a CES Innovation Award and is shipping for $145 since October 2019.

Compared to last year’s prototype, Bassme is exhibiting a final product and added a few colors to its excellent design (see photo above). The device aims at making people feel the music and the sound thanks to an award-winning sound wave and vibration system.

By wearing the small subwoofer, listeners do not need to raise the volume to harmfully high levels to get the same emotional auditory experience.

BassMe, Wearable Subwoofer for Video Games, Movies and Music

According to the company, the vibrations you received with BassMe are so strong that users often have to reduce the headset volume because they get a great sensory experience from the system. The benefit is enhanced hearing protection, which helps to prevent a pervasive modern health issue.

BassMe is backward compatible to any headset and any audio source and it connects over Bluetooth or audio cable to any mobile device, console, PC, tablet or home cinema.

We briefly tried (see the photo of Hubert Nguyen, co-founder Ubergizmo, wearing Bassme) the device at the Bassme booth at the French Tech Pavilion, and we had a blast with the immersive sound experience. In fact, Bassme technology may be best tailored for gaming or watching action movies in a theater. During high (music) action sequences, you can really feel the “beat” and literally the bass pumping on your chest, something that you would never get with headphones alone.

The best way to know more about BassMe is to try it at their booth at the French Tech Pavilion at CES 2020 – Sands Hall G booth #50215.

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