If there is one criticism of the Nintendo Switch is that it isn’t quite as powerful compared to the likes of the PS4 or Xbox One or the PC. This means that certain games when ported to the console have to be downgraded in terms of their textures, graphics, and performance, and while it’s not exactly a bad thing, we’re sure that most gamers would prefer if the Switch were a bit more powerful.

It seems that Dell could be working on an answer to that. At CES 2020, the company has taken the wraps off a device they’re calling the Concept UFO. Based on its design, it is clear where the company has taken inspiration from, where it feels like they are trying to create a portable gaming machine with the form factor of the Switch but with the power of a PC behind it.

As expected given that this is a PC, it will run Windows-based games, which is actually a good thing as it means that gamers will have access to a much larger library, assuming that the games are compatible with its controls. Unfortunately, for those who are hoping that Dell will be making this a reality, it doesn’t seem that way at the moment.

We should note that it is currently a concept and what we saw at CES is merely a working prototype and isn’t available for purchase, so don’t hold your breath expecting to see it hit the market anytime soon.

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