Robocalls can be annoying and disruptive, especially if you receive them multiple times in a day. This is why they have been made illegal, but then again with all things illegal, there will always be someone who tries to circumvent the system. Unfortunately for one individual, it seems that the FCC plans to make an example out of him.

In a document published on its website, the FCC has proposed hitting the man with a massive $13 million fine for spamming robocalls. It has been estimated that the man had made around 6,000 robocalls over six different states, which consisted of threats and racist remarks.

According to the FCC, “For example, the caller made unlawful, spoofed robocalls to target a community grappling with the recent murder of a local woman, threaten a journalist and newspaper, and attempt to influence a jury. Additionally, the caller made unlawful, spoofed robocalls related to political campaigns in California, Florida, and Georgia.”

They add, “The caller was apparently motivated by a belief that these actions would result in media notoriety and accordingly would enable him to increase publicity for his website and personal brand. In the process, he apparently broke the law.”

That being said, in the past few months, carriers have been rolling out anti-robocall features designed to help protect their customers from receiving such calls. These features were previously an optional paid subscription, but carriers have since made them free for their customers.

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