You might find a robot for almost everything – if not, it is highly likely that someone is developing it as you read this.

We’ve seen useful robots to get things done, like a Vacuum cleaner robot – but a cute pet companion in the form of a home robot?

Elephant Robotics, a Chinese tech firm has managed to develop a fully autonomous robot cat.

It is not just any ordinary robot – but it behaves and interacts just exactly how a real cat would respond.

Of course, it is not meant to replace your pet but as an add-on, a companion to play with your real cat.

The robot cat ‘MarsCat’ can feel your touch and respond to all the different interactions by imitating that of a real cat. It also includes some preset commands like “sit” to interact with it in general.

Currently, it’s on Kickstarter with overwhelming support from potential backers to manufacture MarsCat for the consumers.

With MarsCat, it is just a start for the pets of the future. You might see something more interesting in the coming years to go.

You can expect this to be available to the public next year for around $1300. Also, the package will include toys for the kitten as well.

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