Normally, we listen to music or podcasts to fall asleep. But, for that, we usually pair up with earphones or headphones (wired/wireless).

At CES, 2020 – The founders of Mydodow have come up with a comfortable headband called HoomBand, that lets you listen to stories to fall asleep.

Of course, a headband will prove to be more comfortable instead of earphones while sleeping.

The headband includes ultra-flat earphones wrapped in a soft and lightweight fabric – so you won’t notice them.

For the content – you get almost 1,200 minutes of stories written by sleep specialists inspired by hypnotherapy. If you do not prefer hearing stories while going to sleep, you probably won’t like the content.

But, the company claims that the stories are tailored to free your anxieties and help you relax to sleep better. You can consider trying it though.

Also, compared to some other tech unveiled at CES, a lot of consumers can afford this for just $49. It will be available in various sizes (small, medium, and large). You can directly visit their official site to order it now.

You will find bundled offers (two headbands or three) for a lower price tag when compared to a single unit – so you can choose what you want.

If you’re at CES 2020, you can visit them at the end French Tech / Business France pavilion booth #50819 in Sands Expo Hall G.

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