One of the things that we can always count on companies to announce and showcase at CES would be display technologies. Every year, companies such as LG show off brand new exciting display tech that find their way into all kind of products and applications, and this year will be no exception.


Ahead of CES 2020, LG has announced that they plan on showcasing a bunch of “cutting edge” display technologies that could find their way into airplanes and cars. For starters, with planes, LG plans to show new OLED displays that will offer “unmatched” pictured quality. They also plan to show off curved displays that can be installed on the inner walls of planes for first class passengers.

The idea behind this is that will offer an experience where passengers can feel an openness in the cabin, which can sometimes feel a bit narrow and cramped. LG will also take their experience in display tech and apply it to cars, where they will demo plastic OLED screens for cars that will offer up an oversized dashboard to create a more “refined overall design”.

For those most part, these display technologies feel rather conceptual in nature at the moment, and whether or not plane makers and carmakers adopt LG’s displays remains to be seen, but we wouldn’t complain if they did because they look pretty fantastic!

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