CES is around the corner and if you’re in the market for a new TV, LG has you covered. The company has announced that at the event, they will be showing off “real” 8K TVs. Given that 4K is more or less the current standard, launching 8K TVs is clearly aimed at consumers who wouldn’t mind futureproofing their purchases.


According to LG, there will be eight new models that they will be showing off that will offer “Real 8K” performance that apparently exceeds the specs set by the CTA. These TVs will be offered in a range of sizes ranging from 65-inches and going up to a whopping 88-inches, although we imagine that they will not come cheap.

In addition to an 8K resolution, LG is also claiming that they will be introducing a new third-gen version of its Alpha9 AI processor which will help to upscale existing content so that it will fit the new resolution. That being said, while futureproofing yourself sounds great, there aren’t too many 8K movies and TV shows available at the moment.

This is because like we said, 4K is still very much the standard and going 8K now seems a bit too pricey and maybe even unnecessary for most users. However, CES is all about showing off new tech, so perhaps we’ll see some of that AI tech trickle down to some of LG’s lower-end offerings.

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