While Microsoft might have yet to fully embrace the foldable smartphone design, the company does seem to think that a hybrid device such as a smartphone that can transform into a tablet does have merit. This is why back in 2019, the company announced the Surface Duo, an Android smartphone that can be folded and comes with dual displays.

In fact, Microsoft seems to really want this to work out as the company has since released a preview toolkit that will help developers better create apps for the upcoming handset. This means that when the Surface Duo does eventually launch, developers should already be prepared and should have compatible apps that will be able to take advantage of the dual screen design of the phone.

That being said, Microsoft is not the first company to embrace such an idea. It has actually been done many years ago by companies such as Kyocera, and more recently, LG also embraced the dual screen design by selling the second display as an optional accessory. The form factor has yet to truly take off in any big way, but it seems that Microsoft is quite invested.

The Surface Duo is currently set for a release in 2020, but based on last year’s announcement, it seems that it will be packing 2019’s Snapdragon 855 chipset which we have to say that we are a little concerned, but maybe Microsoft might make some changes ahead of its release.

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