Wireless charging as we know it today represents a convenience at best, but true long-distance charging (20ft / 6M) would be a game-changer for many applications like IoT, but also small and large appliances.

Warp solution has a radio-frequency based solution to send power over long distances. Other technologies we have seen can be based in infra-red light as an energy carrier.

Note that what common wireless charging (like the Qi standard) uses a charging pad and requires a contact or very close proximity between the device and the charger. Long distance charging happens several yards away.

Although Warp Solution thinks that its technology can someday power industrial machinery (South Korea looked at charging moving buses, PDF link), it is presenting more modest and chargers, like a charging pad and various wireless to USB-C adaptors for everyday electronics.

Warp Solution’s Radio-Frequency choice means that it can send energy over distances more efficiently.

Typically, their product consists of Transmiters which sends the power to receiving devices. The sender is capable of tracking a device when it moves around the room to continuously send power, and yes, it can do that with multiple devices at the same time.

Other products will typically take the form of various adapters like phone adapters or phone cases/cradles to provide immediate benefit with existing devices.

When we asked about the charge speed, we’ve been told to expect something that is comparable with the baseline Qi chargers, which sounds already very good, but that speed would increase in the future.

The promise of such technology will only reach its potential when it becomes integrated into devices and standardized. In fact, the Qi wireless inside smartphone today started out in a very similar fashion, so we can expect a similar trajectory for RF-based charging. The cool thing about RF-charging is that it quite flexible and the power receivers don’t need to adhere to a specific fixed voltage.

Since the biggest issue with mobile electronics is battery life, long-range wireless is highly desirable, but it doesn’t stop there. Wireless charging can also make waterproofing devices easier because there’s no point of contact and the conversion from RF to electricity can happen inside the chassis, and no electricity needs to be transported by wires, making the whole thing safer in the proximity of water.

At home, it can be difficult and expensive to change the wiring of your kitchen, or living room, to obtain the optimum placement for Television or counter lighting. With wireless power, none of that is a problem anymore.

At CES 2020, Warp Solution is part of the Seoul Pavilion, in the Las Vegas Sands Convention center, Hall-G #51223.

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