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Warp Solution Wants To Wireless-Charge Everything, From 6-Feet Away
Wireless charging as we know it today represents a convenience at best, but true long-distance charging (20ft / 6M) would be a game-changer for many applications like IoT, but also small and large appliances.

Tango Multi Device Wireless Charger with Free Positionning
According to PowerSquare CEO, Pavan Pudipeddi, Tango is the “world’s first multi device charger for Qi compatible devices” that can charge up to two mobile devices simultaneously with free positioning. The fact that there is no need to position your smartphones in a defined way to charge them is very practical, and to our knowledge, current wireless chargers do not offer that feature yet.Tango offers a patent-pending Adaptive Position-Free (APF) system […]

Wireless Charging System Juices Up Medical Implants
António Abreu, a PhD Student at the MIT Portugal Program who works at LNEG (Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P.), has been hard at work in developing a wireless charging system that will cater for implantable medical devices. This particular project that he has been sweating over makes plenty of sense. After all, if you were to have some sort of medical implant keeping you alive, it certainly needs […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Back Cover & Dock Images Leaked
While the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not arrive out of the box with wireless charging capability, those who want to take advantage of what could very well be the future of smartphones and other mobile devices can do so by changing the back plate of said handset, and throwing in wireless charging capability so that it will be able to play nice with a wireless charging pad in a jiffy. […]


Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Now Available For Order
The Google Nexus 4 Pure Android smartphone has been available for some time, and for those lucky enough to get one before the supply crunch (it’s back on the Google Store now), they may be happy to learn that the official Wireless charger is now available for order, and should ship “soon”  according to the Google Play Store (soon = less than one week?).

Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Could Arrive In February
The Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb has been quite the elusive creature so far, but perhaps this particular situation might change from February 2013 onwards. According to a product listing at Dustin Home, the Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb looks as though it will make its way to the masses a couple of days before Valentine’s, but you will need to fork out 599 krona for this bad boy. That […]

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Wireless Charging Pad Leaked
Wireless charging is not exactly a novelty and a number of vendors, such as HP, have tried their hands on it in the past. The technology hasn’t exactly gained traction so far. However, Nokia seems to have jumped the bandwagon and has a shot at popularizing wireless charging.A new image leaked by evleaks shows a wireless charging pad for Nokia’s Lumia devices. In the image, two upcoming Lumia devices, Lumia […]

TDK juices up headphones and toy cars sans wires
A paperless environment is definitely worth looking into, although I do not think that it is viable at this moment since paper is still an important aspect in terms of documentation. Wireless connectivity, however, has its place in the future, but there are still limits to it. Wireless headphones have been around for quite some time already as it lays the ghost of a wired existence to rest, but how […]

iPhone 5 gets wireless charging in GETPOWERPAD Qi
The iPhone 5 is not out yet – but that does not mean third party manufacturers cannot come up with accessories for it, right? Japan has the honor of introducing the GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 wireless charger that not only plays nice with the iPhone 5, but is Qi compatible as well. The GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 wireless charger will juice up smartphones, mobile phones as well as other mobile electronic devices.Some […]

HP Touchstone wireless charger arrives at the FCC
For folks who love living out the wireless lifestyle, surely you would be on the lookout for devices that recharge wirelessly as well – and the HP TouchPad is certainly one of them, although it isn’t the first. It must be said that the HP TouchPad will work with the Touchstone wireless charger, and we are pleased to announce that said device has already gotten approval from the good people […]

LG supports Qi wireless charging with new phone
LG recently announced a Qi-enabled handset from their stables at the recently concluded CES, coming in the form of the LG Revolution. Just what does Qi wireless charging offer? For starters, its main vision is to transform virtually every flat surface into a wireless charging station, and that would sound the death knell for wires and cables down the road. Many of the notable phone manufacturers such as HTC, LG, […]

PowerMat for iPhone 4 review
While wireless charging came embedded into phones like the Palm Pre, most phones including the iPhone 4 still rely on an old good wired connection for charging. Maybe most people aren’t willing to pay an extra for the convenience, but let’s face it, sometime we’re all a little lazy and taking those extra 3 seconds to connect our phone might be just a little too much to deal with. That’s […]