Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is meant to help users track down their lost/misplaced phones. However, in the past we have seen several instances of how the feature was used that ultimately led to police catching criminals. It looks like we have another story to add to that list where the feature helped law enforcement catch a sex trafficker.

According to the story, a 38-year old man by the name of Randy Jonal Schenck was accused of trafficking his girlfriend, Dominique Berry. He would force her into prostitution where the MO of the couple was that Berry would find a customer, drug him, and Schenck would then steal their valuables.

One of the victims who had a safe, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a laptop, and several smartphones stolen from him, decided to use the Find My iPhone feature to track his stolen property down. When police arrived, they discovered Berry was hurt where she was bleeding from her nose and had a swollen lip.

It was later revealed that Schenck had allegedly forced Berry into doing all those things, where he would abuse her and threaten her if she was not playing her role effectively, or if she tried to leave him.

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