Oppo has a new smartwatch in the works and in a tweet by the company’s VP, Brian Shen, he shared a teaser image of the upcoming device (which you can see in the image below). The teaser only shows part of the Oppo Watch but according to Shen, the device will come with a curved screen and also 3D glass.

Shen claims that this will be a “game changer”, although we’re not sure what he means. This is not the first time Oppo has shown off its upcoming smartwatch. Previously, Shen had posted an image on Weibo that more or less revealed the watch in its entirety. Many have since drawn comparisons between the Oppo Watch and the Apple Watch, and it’s not hard to see why.

However, upon closer inspection, the Oppo Watch’s display does seem to be slightly more curved, although we’re not sure if this is purely aesthetics or if there is a point to it. Shen’s tweet seems to allude that maybe there could be a reason why. Oppo has also opted not to go with a digital crown, instead choosing to include two buttons on the side.

Unfortunately, there is still no word on when the Oppo Watch will be announced. As many of you have heard, MWC 2020 has been cancelled which would have been the perfect opportunity for Oppo to unveil the device. Now it looks like we’ll have to wait for Oppo to host its own event where hopefully we’ll have more details about the upcoming smartwatch.

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