In the past, the idea of touching door handles that have been touched by many people before has always been a bit iffy, but these days with the coronavirus spreading like crazy, suddenly being a bit more concerned about touching door handles isn’t such a crazy idea after all. If you’re trying to avoid doing that, this is a 3D printing project that might be worth checking out.

Designed by Belgium-based 3D printing company, Materialise, this is an attachment that is simple to create but yet has immense benefits. As you can see in the photo, this allows you to open doors without having to touch the handle, where you can instead use your arms to push down on it.

According to Materialise vice president Bryan Crutchfield, “During that brainstorming session, the idea came up for a way to open doors without using your hands to try to contain the spread of the germs, and literally inside of 24 hours they turned around a design, got it on a printer, and printed the first prototype off and tried it out on one of our handles.”

The best part about this design is that it is easy to attach to door handles, meaning that you don’t even need to call for a locksmith as you could do it yourself using a couple of screws. While this isn’t exactly a new concept, the coronavirus has definitely taught us that such concepts might be worth exploring more seriously in the future.

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