While everyone’s mostly staying indoors and working from home, they have also stocked up a lot of essential items.

However, people who rely on online orders are experiencing potential delays from eCommerce giants like Amazon. Of course, amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it is tough to maintain a swift delivery schedule for a variety of shipments.

Hence, Amazon has decided to prioritize the shipments and only allow medical supplies and essential items.

Amazon has already instructed the sellers through an email to accept essential shipments in the warehouses.

In addition to this, Amazon is also reportedly planning to hire more people with an increased hourly wage to meet the increasing demand.

As per the report on Futurism, Amazon has already mentioned what products it will focus on (temporarily) for shipments.

It includes baby products, healthcare products, beauty products, groceries, pet supplies, and other essential products which are in high demand. We think this is a good move by Amazon to ensure swift delivery of essential products while removing the overhead of unnecessary bulk orders.

For the retail vendors, they have also approached a similar way to prioritize the orders. It looks like a good move by Amazon which will be potentially followed across globe (but primarily in the U.S).

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