According to the rumors, Apple could be looking at developing a foldable phone of their own. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, although given that the recent batch of foldable phones that was released seemed to encounter build and durability issues, Apple could be looking at alternatives.

In a recently-discovered patent, it seems that Apple is looking at the possibility of creating a smartphone with dual displays. This means that instead of a smartphone with a singular display that can be bent and folded, this dual display setup will basically combine two displays into one when opened that will give it the illusion that it is a single display.

How Apple plans on achieving this, at least based on the patent, is by creating two displays that have little to no bezels, so that when the phone is opened and the displays are joined, it looks like a single piece. The patent also describes the use of various sensors that will help the phone determine when the displays are touching, so that the OS can react accordingly.

Dual display smartphones aren’t new, and companies like LG have already toyed with such designs. In fact, even Microsoft is planning on launching a dual display smartphone later this year in the form of the Surface Duo. That being said, with this being a patent, it’s hard to say if it will ever become a reality.

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