There is a quite a lot of concern right now regarding the COVID-19 virus that is spreading throughout the world. The problem with this particular disease, unlike the flu, is that some carriers of the virus might be asymptomatic, meaning that they might have the virus but not display any signs.


This means that you could be feeling perfectly fine even though you have the virus, which could result in you unknowingly spreading it to others. This is why tests are so important, and the good news for those who might be worried is that if you’re living in the UK, you will soon be able to start testing yourself for the virus from the comfort and safety of your home.

This is because according to Public Health England, they have announced that they are currently looking to launch home testing kits in the UK where people at home, through a simple fingerprick test, will be able to find out if they have the COVID-19 virus. However, there needs to be tests done to find out how accurate these kits are, and if they are good enough for home use.

According to Chris Whitty, chief medical officer, “The key thing for us to do is evaluate – are these tests accurate enough to be used by the general public? If they are incredibly accurate, we will work out the quickest way to release them. If they are not accurate, we will not release any of them.”

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