Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, is more or less under lockdown, where residents have been advised to stay at home to help prevent the virus from spreading unnecessarily. As a result, many schools are closed and kids are sent home. However, this doesn’t mean that kids are getting an extended holiday.


As expected, schools are trying to ensure that kids are still getting their education by using apps to give them homework to do. However, kids being kids, it seems that some of them are finding pretty clever ways of skipping their homework by bombarding their homework apps with 1-star reviews in hopes that by giving it enough 1-star reviews, it would get booted off the app store which means that they won’t have to do their homework anymore.

The app, dubbed DingTalk, previously had a pretty high rating of 4.9 stars, but following the 1-star review bombs, it dropped to 1.4 stars. The app is developed by Alibaba and is said to be similar to Slack where users can create chat groups, assign tasks, and participate in conference calls.

It is unclear if their efforts were successful to get the app booted from the store, but if anything, it goes to show that kids will always be kids, and skipping homework just seems like par for the course, except now they have more hi-tech ways of going about doing it.

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