The idea of being able to interact with our devices without touching it isn’t anything new. In fact, Google’s Pixel 4 series introduced Motion Sense, where users could interact with the phone without having to physically touch it, and now it looks like Apple could be exploring a similar idea for future MacBook laptops.

According to a patent that was discovered by AppleInsider, Apple seems to be working on a piece of tech that would allow users to interact with MacBook laptops without having to touch it. This will rely on the MacBook having a Touch Bar, because the tech would be built into the display itself where it comes with a sensing strip.

The patent describes how the sensing strip will detect things like hand or finger movement while it hovers above the display, and from there, it will be able to execute certain functions. For example, users might be able to control the volume by hovering their finger over the Touch Bar, and then moving it to the left or right to increase or decrease the volume.

That being said, with it being a patent, there’s no telling if Apple plans on ever making it a reality. While touchless gestures do seem like they have potential, so far the implementation of the tech makes it feel more novel than useful.

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