For now it seems that Twitter isn’t going to allow users to edit their tweets. This means that everything you tweet will be more or less permanent (even if you delete it, there’s a good chance it’s been archived already). According to Twitter, this has created a problem that prevents some users from sharing their thoughts due to the permanency of it.

This is why the company has announced that they will soon be testing out a new feature that sounds similar to the Stories feature of Instagram and Snapchat. Dubbed “Fleets” (as in “fleeting”), this will allow users to post their thoughts onto Twitter that will disappear after 24 hours.

Users will not be able to retweet Fleets or give it Likes, and the only way that they can interact with Fleets would be to send you a DM. That being said, we should note that Stories on Instagram can be shared, so perhaps in the future, Fleets could also gain a similar feature. Fleets will also not appear on the user’s timeline, and will only be accessible by tapping the user’s avatar.

The feature is currently in testing where it is only available to users in Brazil, but presumably pending successful tests, it should eventually make its way to more users around the world.

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