Whenever a tweet is made, that’s pretty much it. There is no going back and there is no editing what you tweeted. Sure, you can delete it, but due to the internet archive and also people who are quick to save tweets, especially if you’re someone prolific, there is really no way of completely erasing your tweets once it’s been posted.

This has led to a lot of misunderstandings where people had to post more tweets to clarify what they said. Back in 2018, Twitter said that they were mulling the idea of creating an “edit” button, but in a recent WIRED Q&A video, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey basically said that the edit button will not be coming.

According to Dorsey, he effectively stated that this goes against the very concept of Twitter to begin with. The CEO explained by saying, “We started as an SMS, text message service. And as you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back. We wanted to preserve that vibe, that feeling, in the early days.”

Dorsey’s comments essentially down any hope of seeing an edit button, at least not anytime soon. Back in 2019, Dorsey still seemed like he was on board with the idea, where he hinted that maybe Twitter could implement a “clarify” feature for users to clarify their tweets. We’re not sure if that feature is still coming, so for now, it’s probably best to think not twice, but maybe thrice before you make that tweet.

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