When it comes to choosing a console, different players have different needs from their gaming devices. If you’re in the camp that just loves pure power and being able to play the best-looking games possible, then you might want to consider Microsoft’s Xbox Series X as your next gaming console.


This is because according to a report from Notebook Check, they believe that as it stands based on existing benchmarks, the Xbox Series X could actually be a more powerful console than the PS5. This is based on the fact that both Sony and Microsoft will be using AMD’s RX 5000 GPU in their consoles.

Sony claims that the PS5’s GPU will run at a higher clock speed at 2.23GHz versus 1.8GHz, which on paper is 24% faster, but according to Notebook Check, they claim that despite overclocking it by 24%, real-world gains probably represents 5-7% higher frame rates, meaning that the differences are marginal at best.

Also, Sony had also said that the PS5’s performance scales depending on usage, meaning that sometimes it might dip, sometimes it might be boosted, but the Xbox Series X is expected to maintain 1.8GHz consistently. Ultimately, this has led to the conclusion that the Xbox Series X could potentially be a more powerful console.

Of course, the PS5 has other things going for it, such as a super fast SSD and potentially better audio quality. All of this is conjecture at this point in time as either console has yet to be released, so maybe don’t get your hopes up (or be disappointed) yet until both consoles have been thoroughly reviewed.

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