Ever made a mistake when you sent a message? Chances are you have, and usually what most messaging platforms allow is the ability to unsend that message, giving you a chance to resend the correct one. However, it seems that it is possible that in the future, Apple could allow users to edit those sent messages instead.

This is according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider in which it shows how Apple is working on a system that would allow users to edit sent messages. What’s interesting about this is that it could very well be the first time a message sent over a cellular network allows for the editing of a sent message.

There are platforms like Discord and Slack that allow users to edit sent messages, but this is because they are sent through a centralized server, meaning that the edits made can be quickly seen and applied to everyone in the chat. This is versus direct messages such as regular text messages.

The patent also suggests that there could be a way for users to see the history of those edited messages to prevent users from saying one thing and editing it to make it seem like they said something else. However, as with most patents, it’s hard to tell whether or not there are plans to make it a reality, but if Apple is hoping for its iMessage platform to better compete with the alternatives out there, the ability to edit sent messages could be a selling point.

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