When it comes to determining the speed of your WiFi, there are many different factors that can affect it. For example signal strength is one of those factors, where the further you are away from the signal, the poorer the connection will be. There is also the number of users on your WiFi network, where the more people there are, the less bandwidth there is to go around.

Then of course there is also your internet package, where if you opted for a lower-end package, your speeds could also be slower. However, the FCC is hoping to eliminate at least one bottleneck and that comes in the form of an expansion of the spectrum, where the FCC has recently approved the expansion of WiFi to the 6GHz band.

What this means is that it will add as much as five times more bandwidth and should offer up to 2.5 times faster speeds with less interference from nearby devices. However, the downside is that similar to the 5GHz band, 6GHz will be a short-range expansion meaning that you will need to be relatively close to your router in order to take full advantage of it.

Previously, WiFi would rely on the longer-range 2.4GHz band and the shorter-range 5GHz band, but now with the FCC’s approval, companies now have permission to start making equipment that can take advantage of the 6GHz band which was previously only available for utilities and public safety.

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