In recent years, Apple finally hopped on board the bandwagon and made its iPhones water-resistant. The company’s iPhones currently have a rating of IP68 which makes it water-resistant where it can survive underwater of depths up to 2 meters for as long as 30 minutes (although we have heard stories of it surviving for much longer).

However, while we have seen people use their iPhones for underwater photography, it is generally not advised. Its water-resistance is meant to protect the phone from accidental drops and not necessarily for such activities, but according to a recently-discovered patent, that’s something that Apple wants to change.

According to the patent, it seems that Apple is exploring (or has explored) the idea of a fully waterproof iPhone. The concept of fully waterproofing a device isn’t new, but the patent takes it one step further by describing a potential user interface that can be activated whilst underwater. In the patent, Apple describes the “problem” of displaying user interfaces while underwater, and the patent has offered up a potential solution.

In the description of the patent, “There is a need for electronic devices that provide efficient methods and interfaces for accessing underwater user interfaces displayed on the electronic devices. Such techniques can reduce the cognitive burden on a user who accesses user interfaces while the electronic device is under water, thereby enhancing productivity. Further, such techniques can reduce processor and battery power otherwise wasted on redundant user inputs.”

Whether or not Apple actually goes through with this remains to be seen, especially since patents don’t always guarantee that they become a reality, but it is an interesting idea nonetheless.

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