The world is starting to shift towards the use of LED display panels. This is because unlike LCD, LEDs are more energy efficient as they only light up the parts of the display that are needed, whereas LCD requires a backlight that lights up everything. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Samsung will be winding down their operations for LCD display panels.

The company has announced that by the end of 2020, they will be ending its production of LCD panels. According to Samsung Display, they cite a falling demand for LCD panels as one of the reasons they’ll be ending their production. The company also states that they will continue to fulfill orders placed by customers and do not see an issue accomplishing this. “We will supply ordered LCDs to our customers by the end of this year without any issues.”

Samsung Display currently has two LCD production lines, one of which is in South Korea and the other in China. The company did previously state that they will be investing around $10.72 billion over the next five years into converting the South Korean LCD lines into a facility that will produce more advanced quantum dot screens, but they did not state what they plan to do with their operations in China.

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