Did you know that your poop is a pretty good indicator about your health and diet? It can also be used as an indicator of your gut health, which is why things like consistency of your poop matters, as well as how frequent you need to go to the bathroom. If you’re looking to help track your health, then this smart toilet could be of interest to you.

It appears that a group of researchers are working on developing a sensor package for your toilet that will turn it into a smart toilet. By smart toilet, we mean a toilet that comes with sensors that have the ability to analyze your poop whenever you go to the toilet, thus allowing you to monitor your health from the comfort of your home.

These sensors will be able to check for things like consistency, color, and even glucose levels and red blood cell count. To help protect the user’s privacy, the researchers have proposed using biometric security. This not only involves using fingerprint scanners to authenticate the user, but by also relying on “analprinting”.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, where the creases of your anus can be used to identify and authenticate you when you are using this system (apparently the creases of our anus are unique to each of us). We’re not sure when the researchers plan to turn their tech into an actual product, but it does sound like an intriguing idea nonetheless.

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