Were you still sitting on the fence in deciding whether or not to get Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro? If you were and were considering the base models, it seems that your decision could cost you. This is because Apple, for whatever reason, has recently made some pricing changes to the laptop.

The base models come with 8GB of RAM, and customers who want to upgrade to 16GB of RAM will now have to pay $200. This is versus $100 which was the price from before, so if you were slow to pull the trigger, that hesitation will now cost you an extra $100 if you were thinking of upgrading the RAM.

Apple does revise its prices every now and then, but to double the price of the RAM does seem to be a bit bizarre, suggesting that there might have been sudden changes to Apple’s supply chain that might have seen an increase in costs, which in turn forced the company to increase its prices as well.

In the past, we’ve actually seen the opposite, where Apple has refreshed its laptops to include more storage while maintaining the base price. That being said, with the price of the base 13-inch MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM now being priced at $1,499, it seems that maybe considering the model with the 10th-gen Intel Core CPU that comes with 16GB of RAM by default might actually be more worth it.

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