According to a recent report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that Apple is expected to launch brand new iPads later this year. These will be refreshes to the current iPad/iPad Air and iPad mini lineup, where Kuo claims that Apple will be adopting a similar approach to these tablets as they have with the iPhone SE.

Now according to a tweet by @L0vetodream, who has in the past been proven to be pretty accurate, he claims that the upcoming 2020 iPad could be powered by an A12 chipset. But wait, isn’t the latest chipset from Apple the A13? And isn’t Apple supposed to launch the A14 this year? Those would correct assumptions, but like we said, Kuo claimed that Apple could be approaching this like they did with the iPhone SE.

By using an older and potentially cheaper chipset, Apple will be able to keep the prices of the iPads down, which in turn could make it more appealing to customers. With the iPhone SE, Apple opted to use hardware similar to the iPhone 8, but gave it a slight upgrade with the A13 Bionic chipset.

To date, none of Apple’s newer tablets have adopted the A13 chipset. Even the iPad Pro that was refreshed earlier this year used a variant of the A12X called the A12Z that came with an additional unlocked GPU core.

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