AI is great as it can help automate a lot of things because it can learn, meaning that instead of it following a strict and rigid process, it can adapt itself over time. To that end, developer Thomas Dimson has decided to have some fun where he has created a website called “This Word Does Not Exist” where AI is used to randomly generate gibberish words and come up with a fake dictionary definition of them.

The results are pretty hilarious and to a certain extent, they kind of make sense. Then again, none of these words really exist in the first place, so it could really mean anything, but yet the AI is convincing enough where if you were to read it in an actual dictionary (and assuming the word exists), you might nod you head in agreement.

The website even allows users to submit their own words where it can then generate dictionary definitions. The platform is powered by GPT-2, a neural net designed by OpenAI to help create predictive text. There was some controversy surrounding this particular system as its creators had warned that it could be abused to write fake news.

Given what we’ve seen so far, it does seem like it does have the potential as the definitions are pretty convincing, but for now, it just seems like a fun and novel way to make use of AI.

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