There are some people who love their pets so much that they create dedicated social media accounts for them on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and we totally get it. However, losing access to that account can be quite a hassle, as 33-year old dog owner Emily Doucet found out.


Doucet had previously created a Facebook profile for her pet dog Max, but recently when attempting to log into Max’s account to change his last name to her married name, Doucet ran into a problem because she had forgotten that account’s password. After a few tries, she found herself locked out and attempted to recover it.

However, that’s when things got a bit weird/funny. To recover an account, Facebook needs to know that you are indeed the owner of the page and will ask for personal identification like a driver’s license, but in this case, Max being a dog, has no way to prove himself, short of him taking a driving test.

According to Facebook spokesperson Ruchika Budhraja, “Profiles are meant to represent people, and we ask that people set up Pages if they want to represent a brand, business, group, organization – or pet.” As for Doucet, she doesn’t seem to be too upset about it and totally understands where Facebook is coming from, but she also thinks that the company should be a bit more flexible and understanding and to “let people have fun”.

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