These days it’s easy to have your email inbox bombarded with spam. This is because of various database leaks and unscrupulous marketers, it’s probably not that hard to find your email address floating about on the internet. However, it seems that Mozilla could be trying out a new way to help cut down on the noise.

According to a report from Gizmodo, there is an experimental feature for Firefox called Private Relay. Basically what this does is that when an online form requests for an email address, Firefox will be able to randomly generate an anonymous email address that you can use, and emails sent to that address will then be directed to your “real” email.

What this means is that in the event that randomly-generated email address starts to receive spam or unwanted emails, you can easily just shut it down. This is versus using your real email address that you might have had for years and that you use for various online accounts and services.

In a statement made to Gizmodo, a Mozilla spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Private relay is in a very early experimental phase at this time. We’ll make sure to share more information when it’s ready to test with consumer audiences.” It actually sounds like a pretty awesome tool to fight spam and we can’t wait to learn more about it.

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