If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be exploring the idea of creating a foldable phone. Exactly how this device will materialize is anyone’s guess, but in the meantime, YouTube channel iOS Beta News has cooked up a concept video that shows what the iPhone could look like with a foldable design.

Instead of a foldable design where the phone becomes a tablet and back into a phone again, the video shows what the iPhone could look like if Apple adopted a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We have to say that it looks amazing, although the hinge part of the phone doesn’t feel quite Apple-like.

However, the front of the phone where the main display is looks fantastic and looks like a taller/longer iPhone. This gives the phone slightly more screen real estate, especially if used horizontally to watch movies, surf the web, or while playing games. The concept has also added a small secondary display on the front where it can even display information from the wearer’s Apple Watch.

Presumably it could be customized to add other more useful widgets depending on the user’s needs. That being said, we should remind you that this is merely a concept, not a leak, not a rumor, so just admire it for what it is right now.

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