Fitness masks aren’t really a new concept. If you’ve ever seen fitness videos, you might have noticed some people wearing them. The idea behind these masks aren’t really about protecting the wearer from bacteria or viruses, but more about restricting airflow to help simulate high altitudes to help improve cardiorespiratory fitness levels.

However, given the current pandemic and with people wanting to work out, Reebok has created several concept fitness masks that could address that situation. The company has created three concepts designed for a variety of uses and also preferences.

The first design, called the Sensorial Mask, looks like a regular face mask, except with a transparent front so that your mouth can be seen. According to Don Albert, head of Reebok’s European innovation lab, this mask could also come equipped with technology to monitor the user’s heart and breathing rates.

Then there is also the Immersion Mask which covers the entire front of the wearer’s face. It will come with a built-in respirator and is designed to help protect the wearer from the elements, while still allowing them to breathe. Last but not least, and possibly the most interesting, is the Symbiosis Mask.

This mask comes with a respirator that contains organic matter, like algae or moss. The idea is that by using organic matter, it will help purify the air for the wearer by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. It would also help to filter out dangerous particles from pollution, bacteria, and viruses.

For now these are mostly concepts and it does not seem like Reebok is actively working on development, but it does give us a peek into the future of what fitness could look like post-pandemic.

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