There’s no denying the power of Apple’s new Mac Pro, but there’s also no denying how much it costs, and there’s even no way of denying that some of the accessories that Apple is selling for the computer are just ridiculously priced. Take for example the wheels for the Mac Pro that allows it to be easily moved around.

They are priced at a staggering $700 for a set of four wheels, which we imagine is pretty hard to justify, but it seems that YouTuber Braille Skateboarding has decided to purchase them. Except that instead of using it with the Mac Pro, he decided that keeping true to his YouTube channel’s name, he will put them on a skateboard instead to see how well they hold up.

It should be noted that a pair of skateboard wheels don’t cost that much to begin with. A quick search on Amazon has revealed that you could get a set of four for as low as $20, while more professional brands and models might go up to $50, but none of them come close to $700. The video shows how they tested the wheels as they were, before making some modifications and attaching them to a skateboard truck.

Surprisingly, it sort of “worked”. While maybe not ideal, the video shows that they managed to get it to work, although at $700, it does feel a bit painful to watch, but they are admittedly some of the sleekest-looking skateboard wheels we’ve ever seen.

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