No thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the way we live our lives moving forwards will never be the same again. Until a vaccine has been found, it seems that social distancing is pretty much the only thing we can do in order to curb the spread of the virus, and a cafe in South Korea has come up with an interesting way to deal with it: robots.

Located in Daejeon, this cafe has hired robot employees who will make and serve coffee to customers. This is to help with social distancing whereby using robots instead of humans, it reduces the amount of human-to-human interactions, which in turn helps prevent the virus from spreading.

The cafe has also been designed to keep tables apart from each other to not only help the robots smoothly navigate the cafe, but also to enforce social distancing rules amongst customers. The robot will be capable of making as many as 60 different types of drinks for customers and also has the ability to map out its routes in the cafe to find the best ways to get around.

Of course, some have expressed their concern at using robots as it means that there will be less jobs for humans as it essentially fills the role that a human would have otherwise been in.

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