Video calls have been around for a long time, and with the coronavirus pandemic, they are becoming more important than ever, so much so that Elon Musk has claimed that video calls in Tesla vehicles will “definitely” be a future feature that will be implemented into the company’s cars.

In a way, Tesla has pretty much laid out all the groundwork and infrastructure necessary for such a feature to exist. Tesla’s cars, like the Model 3, have a driver-facing camera and a huge display, meaning that it can not only capture the driver’s video, but also display video from the person who is calling.

It seems that this feature could have been a long-time coming because as noted by Electrek, the driver-facing camera hasn’t been used for anything, at least that we know of. This suggests that Tesla might have had plans for video calling during the developmental phase of the Model 3, but have yet to implement it.

That being said, there are no doubt some safety concerns regarding such a feature, but perhaps it could be similar to gaming or watching YouTube videos in the Tesla, where it can only be accessed when the vehicle is parked. There is currently no date on when the feature will be released.

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