There is a reason why certain artists are so famous, and while there are a ton of great artists out there, some of whom can even replicate the styles of famous master painters, it can never be 100% the same. However, it seems that by using AI, researchers are figuring out how these master painters achieved their famous works of art.


The AI system was developed by MIT CSAIL researchers and they’re calling it “Timecraft”. This system can deduce how a painting was created and what kind of brush strokes the artist might have used to create it. This is done by feeding and training the AI 200 timelapses of digital and watercolor paintings, where based on these videos, the AI learned the various techniques used in painting to come to its conclusions.

While we’re not sure if it could replicate the works of these master painters, the idea is that by studying the techniques, it could allow researchers some insight into the creative process of these artists. For example, based on what the AI uncovered, the researchers found that these painters tend to work in coarse-to-fine manners, painting in a big picture kind of way before filling in the details.

It also found that these artists usually paint within a single section of a scene using one or two colors at a time.

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