Image credit – u/autinm @ Reddit

Apple’s Magic Keyboards are functional and as far as bundled keyboards with computers are concerned, they work just fine and there really isn’t that much to complain about. However, for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts out there, what if Apple were to one day make their own mechanical keyboard?

Thanks to renders created by u/autinm and shared on Reddit, we might have an idea, and we definitely hope that this is something that Apple is looking into. One of the awesome features of this concept is that it puts the Touch Bar onto an external keyboard instead of baking it directly into the laptop.

This would allow Apple to bring Touch Bar functionality to its desktop computers like the iMac, iMac Pro, or Mac Pro. This isn’t that strange of a concept when you consider that in the past, we’ve seen Apple patent a similar idea, although as with most patents, it’s hard to tell what is simply an idea or what could actually be a product that they are working on.

This Apple mechanical keyboard concept is also of the 65% variety, meaning that it does away with the dedicated function row (replaced by the Touch Bar), as well as the dedicated numpad. It might not necessarily be a keyboard for everyone, but given the number of upvotes it has received, many members of the mechanical keyboard community seem to be on board with the idea. Here’s hoping that Apple is taking note.

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