Range anxiety is still something that people are dealing with when it comes to electric cars. However, over the years, electric cars have improved greatly in terms or range, but the issue is that EV charging stations still quite aren’t as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but over in Germany, that could change.

This is because over in Germany, the country has made it a legal requirement in which all gas stations will need to install an EV charging station. What this means is that in the event your car’s battery is running low, you will be able to pop on over to a gas station and charge your vehicle.

Speaking to Reuters, Diego Biasi, chairman and co-founder of Quercus Real Assets said, “We know that 97 percent of the reason why they’re not buying electric cars is range anxiety. The German move is a way to try and fix this range anxiety since it means you know a petrol station is always open.”

Of course, charging an EV takes longer compared to refueling a car, but we suppose having EV stations installed in every gas station will give EV car owners more options. Prior to this new initiative, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had actually set a goal to have a million EV charging stations littered across the country by 2030, so this will no doubt help the country move towards that goal.

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