iOS 14 will bring about a ton of changes to the iOS platform, such as a revamped home screen with greater support for widgets. There will also be a new feature that Apple is calling “App Clips”, although there is a good chance that if you have used Android or have been following smartphone news, this is a feature that will sound familiar to you.


According to Apple, “An App Clip is a small part of an app experience designed to be discovered the moment it is needed. App Clips are associated with a particular product or business, and load within seconds to complete a specific task, such as renting a scooter, purchasing a coffee, or filling a parking meter.”

Sounds familiar? This is because the concept of App Clips is essentially Apple’s answer to Google’s Instant Apps. For those who aren’t familiar with Instant Apps, basically the idea is that for certain apps that don’t need to take up a permanent place on your smartphone, you can just run these apps such as within a browser for just that one time to fulfill a specific need.

App Clips are essentially the same thing where users will be able to launch these apps by scanning a QR code, tapping on an NFC tag, and so on. It’s an interesting feature and we’re curious to see how many developers will get on board with this idea.

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