With companies like Samsung and Huawei making foldable phones, some have naturally wondered if Apple could be hopping on board the foldable phone bandwagon. Turns out maybe not, but that doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t see the potential in a phone that can transform into a tablet.


According to a tweet by leakster Jon Prosser, he is alleging that Apple is working on a prototype iPhone that has a dual display that is connected by a hinge. This would technically make it a foldable phone, but not in the same style like Samsung or Huawei. Instead, this seems more reminiscent of devices like the LG V50 and Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Duo handset.

In a way it might not be surprising that Apple has yet to fully embrace the foldable phone design. This is because while the concept is good and holds a lot of potential, there doesn’t seem to be a particularly huge demand for them. Plus there are also various quality issues associated with phones with foldable displays, and we doubt Apple will want to get more serious about it until the issues can be worked out.


In any case, there’s no telling if this prototype will ever come to pass. We imagine that Apple is probably working on all kinds of prototypes that never see the light of day, so take this with a grain of salt for now.

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