Everyday, there are still many people who are getting infected or who are dying from the coronavirus pandemic. There are still many countries out there who are struggling to get it under control, but if there is one bastion of hope, it would be New Zealand as the country has essentially announced that they have eliminated the virus within its borders.


This was revealed by the country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, who made the announcement on Monday. For the first time since February, they have recorded no new active cases and as a result, the country will be lifting most of the restrictions they had put into place during the pandemic

The country’s borders are still expected to remain closed which means that you will not be able to visit New Zealand for the time-being, but for now, those living in the country can expect life to return back to normal (to a certain degree). We should point out that this does not mean that New Zealanders can relax completely as according to Arden, they still have a “long road to travel yet”.

New Zealand has been praised by many around the world as having done an exemplary job of handling the pandemic, where the country locked its borders and implemented restrictions very early on. This early response allowed them to get a better handle on the situation, with the country reporting just over 1,500 cases and 22 deaths in total.

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