Recently, Apple made some changes to the Apple Store where for the base 13-inch MacBook Pros, the company increased the price of the RAM upgrades from 8GB to 16GB to $200. Prior to this, the company had only charged customers $100. Many had wondered what prompted the change, but as it turns out, it was a mistake.

No, we don’t mean that Apple made a mistake in increasing the cost of the RAM upgrades, but rather, the company made a mistake in listing the upgrades as $100. Speaking to The Verge, Apple has clarified that the reason behind the change was to correct a mistake in earlier pricing, and that it was always supposed to be $200.

The company claims that the change was meant to ensure that the costs are consistent with other Mac products, like the iMac and Mac mini, both of which also cost an extra $200 to upgrade the RAM from 8GB to 16GB. However, the good news is that if you ordered a 13-inch MacBook Pro and paid $100 for the RAM upgrade, Apple will be honoring its earlier pricing.

However, as The Verge notes, the base 13-inch MacBook Pro models use an older LPDDR3 RAM instead of LPDDR4X found in other Macs like the MacBook Air. This means that while you will be paying the same prices, you might not necessarily get the same performance.

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